Lever Type Dial Indicator

Lever Type Dial Indicator

Extra contact points With Domed Anvil and Round Anvil Tommy bar. Hole attachment with indicator Mounting hole and swivel Arm 9.5 hole for dial indicator.

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Specifications 01

RH-AM Rectangular Holder type AM 8mm* 4.8mm pin diameter 4mm.
RH - BH Rectangular Holder type BM 13mm* 6mm, pin diameter 4mm.
CH - CM Cylinder Holder type CM 9.5mm diameter, pin diameter 4mm.
DTH - M Swivel Clamp with Dovetail Holder (Metric models) Bore diameter 4 - 9.5mm.
KJH - D Knuckle Joint Holder (Dovetail).
RH - B Rectangular Holder Type A5/16"* 3/16, pin diameter 1/4"
CH - C Cylindrical Holder Type C3/8" diameter pin diameter 1/4".
DTH Swivel Clamp with Dovetail Holder (inch models) Bore diameter 1/4-3/8".

Specifications 02

Complete Set Specifications Consists Type Reading Travel Graduation
Tool post holder 9.5 * 19 * 150 40 mm 787-1 0.001mm 3.5mm 0-50-0
Upright spindle 8 dial * 115 L Black 787-2 0.001mm 3.5mm 0-100
Universal Clamp 6.5 and 8 holes Plunger Type 787-3 0.001inch 0.14inch 0-25-0
G - Clamp 33 capacity round or flat Dial Gauges 787-4 0.001inch 0.14inch 0-50

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